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DeMolay is the premier youth leadership development organization founded in 1919 in Kansas City, MO by Frank S. Land.  Youth-led and activities and values based, DeMolay members learn by doing in Chapters and Jurisdictions through the US and Canada and throughout many parts of the world.  DeMolay Chapters are sponsored by the Masons through local Masonic Lodges, Shrine Clubs, Scottish Rite bodies and other Masonic organizations.  For more information about DeMolay, check the DeMolay International website at and browse under Find a Local Chapter for information about DeMolay in your area. 

The courses and activites available on this page are designed to further the education and development of DeMolay members, advisors and volunteers and to support specific education requirements and programs.  Members, advisors and volunteers are all welcome to proceed with registration and enrollment as authorized by the Executive Officer of his or her Jurisdiction.     

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Available courses

  • DAD ProgramThis is On-Line DeMolay Advisor Development (DAD) Training. Completion of the DAD program is a requirement for serving as an adult advisor or volunteer in DeMolay. This online program is offered as an alternative to a regular classroom presentation-style training periodically offered through each DeMolay jurisdiction.

    The sequential modules in the DeMolay Advisor Development Program will guide you to videos, lessons and activities to learn more about roles, responsibilities and opportunities as an adult leader in DeMolay.

    Thank you in advance for your interest in DeMolay Advisor Development. Feedback and comments are welcome in the Course Forum or by email to

    Self enrollment: BASIC On-Line DeMolay Advisor Development (DAD) Training
  • Lamp of KnowledgeThis Online Leadership Correspondence Course has been adopted and is now being adminstered through DeMolay International.  Please browse through this link to the DeMolay International course. 

    DeMolay International Online LCC

    Any questions on the former program adminsitered through Oregon DeMolay should be directed to Dad Warren Cole

    Self enrollment: Leadership Correspondence Course